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Immersive Speech Therapy, at Home.

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Access the premium speech-language and OT services of our private practice in your own home. We think you'll find that our flexible service options for in-home and/or teletherapy, with an emphasis on family and parent involvement, will significantly advance your child's progress

Flexible Service Options For Your Family


In-Home Services

Teletherapy Services

Hybrid Method

Your clinician  will travel to your home at a frequency that works for you and your child's therapy program. Home sessions can be provided indoors or outdoors to suit your comfort level. The cornerstone of therapy is the child's natural environment, with an emphasis on parent involvement, giving you the opportunity to become highly involved in your child's therapy sessions, and learn to support your child's progress on a daily basis. 

Known as ‘Teletherapy,’ remote sessions are very similar to traditional face-to-face speech-language and OT sessions, but they are done with a computer or tablet device. Your clinician will implement your child’s current therapy plan with traditional activities, while technology enhances therapy to deliver high-quality services. In addition, you will have the opportunity to take a more active role in your child’s therapy process!

Our hybrid model blends In-Home services with Teletherapy services at a frequency that works for your family and your child's therapy program. The natural ‘safe’ home environment means your child is at ease sooner with an unfamiliar clinician, bringing confidence and productivity. Both In-Home and Teletherapy allow parents to observe us teach your child skills and then become the teacher for when we’re not around (which is most of the time).



Initial Session: In-Person Home Visit

Your clinician will travel to your home to provide the initial session. Goals of our initial session are to build rapport, aide with home-therapy set up and gather clinical information via formal or informal testing.


Pre-Tech Walk-Through

We'll help assess your home-therapy set-up by reviewing your technology, then provide recommendations for you child's optimal location for therapy services based on their specific needs.


Teletherapy Toolkit

Your clinician hand-selects tangible toys and manipulatives to support your child's learning based on their interests. Toolkits may arrive via mail, or may be hand-delivered based on your child's programming.


Teletherapy Session Time

Time to login and join your clinician in our virtual playroom for interactive games and therapeutic activities targeting your child's goals.


Home-Program Practice

We'll share your child's specific Home Program to be practiced in between sessions to increase carryover of skills and advance progress.


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“After over 13 years as a practice owner and speech-pathologist, our team has proudly served over 3,500 Massachusetts families. I have never been more thrilled to offer such a modern, immersive and convenient program to our families via our hybid approach to blending home and teletherapy."

– Megan Rozantes, M.S., CCC-SLP

   Speech-Language Pathologist

  Immersive In-Home Model vs Clinic Model



In-Home Therapy Model

Clinic-Only Model

Functionality: Home environment incorporates familiar functional objects and surroundings for carryover of newly learned skills.

Comfort & Productivity: The natural 'safe' home environment means your child is at ease sooner with an unfamiliar clinician. Bringing confidence and productivity.

Parent & Caregiver Education:  Observe us teach your child skills and then become the teacher for when we’re not around (which is most of the time).

Less Restrictive: Not limited by clinic guidelines. The focus is on your child's immediate needs to help them to be a more functional communicator in their real-life everyday situations.

Time and Money: Replace the time you typically spend commuting with implementing your child's home program and your child will graduate from therapy quicker than they would in a clinic setting.

Hybrid Method Features


Hybrid Services

Teletherapy Toolkit

Pre-Tech Walk-through

Our Hybrid Therapy services begin with a home visit for your first session. Your next 3 sessions occur via Teletherapy. The process repeats itself alternating 1 home visit with 3 teletherapy visits. Home Visits are provided at same rate as teletherapy sessions.

Hand-selected manipulatives, based on your child's interests, are sent to you by mail or delivered in person. The toolkit contents create a hands-on-learning experience to bring tangibility and enhance sessions.

Let's work out any kinks in the technology set up for your child's home therapy space. We'll assist with identification of a physical space as well as coach you though the optimal technology set up to ensure success. 

“We loved the overall experience, the trained staff and their kindness. Jamie looks forward to every session! Thank you!"

– Katerina Allende, Parent

Our Services


Speech & Language Delay

 Early intervention (ages 0-3) allows us to both identify and treat children using a systematic approach known as Routines Based Intervention. An individualized approach to enhance the child’s skills during daily routines with strong parent involvement.

Feeding Services

While working closely with parents, our Occupational Therapist's feeding program employs motor exercises, oral-motor techniques and/or procedures to optimize mealtime structure, as well as to a sensory hierarchy to explore new food types and textures to expand diets.

Articulation & Phonology

Addressing the clarity of speech. Sounds can be substituted, left off, added or changed. These errors may make it hard for people to understand a child. Articulation therapy focuses on the motor aspects of speech production and the clarity of speech sound production.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

 A group of disorders characterized by impairments in social interaction, imaginative activity, verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Kids diagnosed on the spectrum often appear to have a limited number of interests and activities which tend to be repetitive. 

Stuttering \ Fluency

Characteristics of non-fluent speech include repetition of sounds, syllables and phrases. Prolongations or stretching of syllables may occur, as well as blocks, or tense pauses. Physical behaviors or reactions may also co-exist with the stuttering episodes..

Expressive | Receptive Language

 Expressive Language is difficulty with verbal expression. A Receptive Language Disorder occurs when a child presents with difficulties in the ability to attend to, process, comprehend, retain, or integrate spoken language. 

Tongue Thrust

A delay or interruption in the oral maturation process,failing to progress to an adult swallow pattern. Therapy includes exercises for the lips, tongue and jaw.  Therapy works to change an incorrect or immature swallow to an adult pattern that is beneficial to the positioning of teeth and articulation.

Social Pragmatics

Pragmatics is the area of language function that embrace the use of language in social contexts (knowing what to say, how to say it.) Children with pragmatic language difficulties have trouble using language socially in ways that are appropriate or typical of children of their age.

Motor Speech Disorders

 Apraxia of speech, or verbal apraxia, is a motor speech disorder where a child has trouble saying what they want to say correctly and consistently. The child has difficulty coordinating their oral muscles used for speech, not due to weakness,or paralysis, but rather due to voluntary coordination.

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Connected Learning Saves Time & Money


Our goal is to make big breakthroughs every week by providing fun, immersive and consistent therapy.  By incorporating rotating home-visits at no additional charge with teletherapy visits, our clinicians become integrated into your child's daily routines and home-life. We feel adding this rapport building and highly personalized component to your child's teletherapy sessions, we naturally increase their accountability and connection, which in turn accelerates your child's learning.

Immersive In-Home Model


Clinic Only Model

Meet Your Clinician  





Speech-Language Pathologist

Annemarie earned her Bachelor of Arts in Speech Language Pathology from Duquesne University in Pittsburg as well as her Masters of Science in Speech Language Pathology from Duquesne University.

Speech-Language Pathologist

Speech-Language Pathologist

Shaina earned her Bachelor of Arts in Speech Language Pathology from California State University and her Masters of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from Boston University.

Nicole earned her Bachelor’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Emerson College in Boston and her Masters in Speech and Hearing Sciences at the University of




Occupational Therapist

Speech-Language Pathologist

Speech-Language Pathologist

Katie earned her Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders from The University of Massachusetts Amherst and her Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology from Molloy College in Rockville Centre, New York.

Rebakah earned her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from The University of Texas at Arlington and her Masters in Occupational Therapy from Tufts University School of Occupational Therapy in Boston.

Kate graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech-Language and Hearing Sciences. She received a Masters of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Adelphi University.




Speech-Language Pathologist

Speech-Language Pathologist

Speech-Language Pathologist

Laura earned her Bachelor’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology from Loyola University Maryland and holds a Master of Science in Speech-Language and Hearing Sciences from Boston University.

Alessandra earned her A.B. in Religion with Certificates in Near East Studies and Linguistics from Princeton University and her Masters of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from Boston University Sargent College.

Founder and director, Megan,

earned her Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology with Certificates in EI and Spanish from The University Tulsa and Masters of Science Communication Disorders from The University of Tulsa.

Client Testimonials


The McCallah Family

"Our older daugheter, Michaela received therapy for a speech issue that is now no longer a problem"

Minh Quanh

"Promptness. Energy and enthusiasm. Welcoming. Kindness. Flexibility in scheduling. Warmth of therapist was very welcoming."

Sarah Bradley

"Super friendly people! Flexible on timing/schedule, personalized & caring feel. Sebastian felt comfortable right away."

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